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Studio Art

Application Deadline

  • Fall: Feb 1
  • Contact Information

    E-509 HFAC, Provo, UT 84602-6414
    (801) 422-2064
    Admission Requirements
    Required Tests


    Program Requirements
    • Completed an undergraduate degree in art, or its equivalent, with a minimum of 20 hours in upper division studio course work and at least 12 hours of Art History
    • Achieved a 3.0 GPA during the last two years of undergraduate study

    Application Requirements
    • Portfolio of 20 pieces
    • Artists' statement
    • Letter of Intent
      • Resume
      Program Requirements
      The MFA in art, a terminal degree, is dedicated to generating artists with significant skills and understandings that can influence the discipline. In alignment with current trends in art, the program accommodates and nurtures students working in any medium or discipline, including but not limited to: Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpture, Photography, Video, Performance, Installation, Digital and New Media. Program requires 60 credit hours.

      Requirements for Degree.

      • Course requirements (60 hours)
        • Program of Study is required by Thanksgiving of the first semester.
        • Art Theory
          • Art 626: Current Art Practice (3)
          • Art 695R:  Theory-Based Directed Studies (6)
          • Elective:  take 3 credit hours from an approved 300-400 level 3 Art History, Philosophy - or Theory-related course on campus (3)
        • Art 640:  Business Practices (2)
        • Art 619R: Studio Methodologies Seminar (4)
        • Studio emphasis (30 hours) 
          • From Art 680R: Studio Methodologies and/or 694R: Special Problems .
        • Electives (6)
          • BYU course(s) 300 or above
        • Art 699R: Thesis (6 hours).
        • Participate in two travel study activities.  
        • Participation in one per year off campus exhibition (proposed, invitational, or competitive)
        • Time limitations: the degree is a two-year program and must be completed within five years. After two years of residency there is no guarantee of financial assistance or studio privileges.
        • Evaluations: Near the end of each Fall and Winter semester during a student's enrollment, the full faculty will conduct studio reviews of the student's progress without the student present.  Until a student's Final Project Proposal is approved by their Graduate Committee, Full-Faculty Reviews are held to determine whether candidates are progressing satisfactorily in the program, and if the student is making full use of their studio space.
        • Oral defense and examination of final project: the candidate must engage his or her committee for the oral defense after installation of the final project and completion of the final project report. Defense must be scheduled at least two weeks prior.
        • Final project: to be produced and exhibited in the format of a solo exhibition.
        • Final project report: candidates will submit a written final project report.
      Program Outcomes
      Art Historical Context
      Students will examine art past and present through required on and off campus learning experiences, and will locate their work within this larger context.

      Final Thesis Project
      Students will create a body of work that meets the requirements for the MFA Final Thesis Project including a project proposal, project report, and exhibition of a cohesive body of their work, which meets the expectations of a MFA degree.

      Spirituality, Ethics and Art
      Students will critically examine spiritual values and ethical issues relevant to art.

      Professional Preparation
      Students will demonstrate an awareness of and preparation for teaching opportunities and professional studio, gallery, museum and other art-related work.

      Program Stats
      Characteristics of Students from Past Academic Year
      Total Students 8.0
      International 1.0
      Male 2.0
      Female 6.0
      LDS 8.0
      BYU Undergraduate 4.0
      Five Year Average of Graduated Students
      Average Years to Degree 1.89
      Graduated Per Year 18.2
      GMAT Quantitative Percentile 67.5
      Five Year Average of Admitted Students
      Applied Per Year 3.0
      Admitted Per Year 2.4
      Percent Admitted 80.0
      Average GPA 3.39