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Program of Study Plan

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The Program of Study is a carefully considered plan which identifies the student’s major, lists all courses required, and designates the graduate committee. It may also include a minor. Prerequisite and skill courses are neither determined nor required by the university but may be required after consultation with your graduate program; they will be tracked in AIM if entered on the Program of Study. Each Program of Study must meet the minimum university degree requirements.

  • Master’s degree students should outline their Program of Study under the direction of their graduate committee during their first semester, completing it no later than the third week of the second semester.
  • Doctoral students should receive approval and submit their Program of Study during the first year, with completion no later than the third week of the beginning of the second year of study.

As you prepare to submit your program of study, you will need to establish your graduate committee or advisor. If applicable, you may also submit transfer credit and senior and post-baccalaureate credit.

All program of study grades must be C- or higher (department requirements may be higher). Students wishing to graduate must have a program of study GPA of 3.0 or above (excludes prerequisite and skill courses).

Graduate Advisor/Committee

If you are in a research program, you will need to establish a graduate committee who will all approve and sign the program of study plan. If you are in a professional program or have further questions, please work with your Graduate Program Manager to learn more about your program's requirements for a graduate committee. Requirements vary from program to program.

  • Master’s programs require a graduate advisor from their major department and 2 other members on their committee consisting of BYU professors with BYU graduate faculty status.
  • Doctoral programs require a graduate advisor from their major department and 3 or more other members on their committee consisting of BYU professors with BYU graduate faculty status

Normally, the chair of a graduate committee is from the student’s major department. If an interdisciplinary experience is desired, the student initiates such a request and must seek out faculty members who are interested and willing to serve as the advisor. A formal proposal is submitted to the dean of Graduate Studies by completing a Request for Interdisciplinary Graduate Study Form.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is credit received at another university either prior to being accepted to your current graduate program or taken during the current program.

The number of credits a student may transfer to a graduate degree at BYU varies according to the number of credit hours required for the BYU graduate program. The maximum number of transfer credits should constitute no more than 25% of the total required for the program, but may not exceed 15 credit hours in any program.

Your graduate committee will determine whether or not transfer credit meets the requirements of your program.

For credits to transfer, they must be "B" or better grade(s) (cannot be pass/fail credit) and graduate level courses at the transfer university. Undergraduate courses will not be accepted.

International Transfer Credit

Under certain circumstances credit from accredited or certified international universities may be considered for transfer. International credit may be accepted if a student meets one of the following two requirements:

  1. All of the U.S. conditions required for transferring credit are met and the department submits a written justification assuring the following:
    • The international university is highly regarded as an institution of higher education and accredited by the International Association of Universities.
    • The content, rigor, and applicability of the courses are appropriate for the student’s graduate program and will enrich the student’s graduate experience.
  2. A student may instead choose to transfer the credit by successfully completing a challenge examination at BYU to demonstrate an equivalent experience in the international transfer course(s).

Senior or Post-Baccalaureate Studies Credit

These credits are defined as:

  • Senior Credit: Hours taken prior to completing the bachelor's degree.
  • Post-Baccalaureate Credit: Any credit earned after your bachelor's degree was received and before entering your current graduate program.

Note: Senior credits may not apply to both baccalaureate and master's degrees.

Only a maximum of 10 semester hours from senior and/or post-baccalaureate studies hours combined are acceptable if departmental approval is received.