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Graduate Student Society

Enrich, enhance, and encourage your grad school experience.

The Graduate Student Society (GSS) is proud to represent the graduate students of BYU. Our mission is to enrich the graduate student culture, enhance the BYU graduate student campus-wide voice, and encourage the presentation of scholarly and creative work. Every graduate student automatically becomes a part of the GSS when they are accepted into a graduate program. Our leadership includes a president and three vice presidents who preside over the operations, events, and student engagement for the GSS. We also have a team of delegates, one from each college and an additional delegate to represent international students. We strive to have events that are fulfilling socially, academically, and professionally. We also look for ways that we can propose for graduate studies to better meet the needs of graduate students. If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at

Achieving Our Mission

GSS achieves its mission by:

  • Enriching the graduate student culture with a wide range of academic and social events. Some of the GSS’s most well-attended events include the graduate fall barbeque, the fall and winter workshops, the Faith & Scholarship Symposium, and the Women Faculty & Student Forum, and the Closing Social.
  • Enhancing the BYU graduate student campus-wide voice through the GSS Council that represent the needs and interest of graduate student to the university administration, and helps orchestrate enriching graduate student events. Feel free to contact us at to get involved and begin making a difference in the BYU graduate student experience!
  • Encouraging the presentation of scholarly and creative work through the Professional Presentation Awards (PPAs). The PPAs assist graduate students to travel to important conferences within their discipline in order to present their work. PPAs are awarded two times each year (Fall and Winter semesters). Nearly one-third of all applicants receive a PPA. 

For more information about Graduate Student Society, please visit our GSS Presidency and Delegates page.

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