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Group photo of the Graduate Student Society Presidency

The Presidency & Delegates

We are the presidency and Delegates of BYU Graduate Student Society! We look forward to meeting you and helping make your experience at BYU a fulfilling one.

Jennie Jasperson, President

Jennie Jasperson - President
Marriage, Family, and Human Development
Sacramento, California

Jennie Jasperson is from Sacramento, California and is the new GSS president. She received her undergraduate degree in Human Development from BYU and is currently in the Marriage, Family, and Human Development Masters program. Jennie works with Dr. Andrea Busby studying parental socialization of economic and racial inequality. She's spent three years teaching human development, mentored research, and Hmong language classes to undergraduate students at BYU and hopes to continue teaching after graduation. She loves eating, reading, and adventuring with her husband and Australian Shepherd, Malta.

Carson Dover, VP of Operations

Carson Dover, VP of Operations
Marriage, Family, and Human Development
Centerville, Utah

Carson Dover is from Centerville, Utah and is the new Vice President of Operations. He'll be entering his second year of the Marriage, Family, and Human Development Masters program and his faculty advisor is Brian Willoughby. Carson studies romantic relationships and sexual behaviors in emerging adulthood and plans to pursue a PhD and eventual career in academia. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, reading, and long walks.

Haylie June, VP of Events

Haylie June, VP of Events
Racine, Wisconsin

Haylie June is from Racine, Wisconsin and is the new Vice President of Events. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Sociology and minors in Business and Spanish from BYU. She is entering her second year in the Masters of Sociology program and her faculty advisor is Michael Cope. Haylie's specific research interests include motherhood, student parents, first-generation college students, and rural communities. After graduation, she hopes to continue her education and earn a PhD. Haylie has a two-year old son and is due with her second child (another boy) in July. In her free time, she loves going for a Swig run and going to a park with her family.

Warda Usman, VP of Engagement

Warda Usman, VP of Engagement
Computer Science

Warda (it's Arabic, and means Rose), is a CS PhD student at BYU from Pakistan, and is the new Vice President of Engagement. Some of her favorite things in the world include getting to know different people and learning math. The CS program and specifically her research combines both her interests. She is currently working with Dr. Daniel Zappala on understanding human behavior to see how people make decisions about their online privacy and security, with the goal to design better computer systems and mechanisms that result in improved privacy and security outcomes for all users. She loves kayaking, traveling and exploring new cultures, and making new friends. Warda is almost always around in TMCB so feel free to say hi and chat with her.

BYU Graduate Student Society Delegates

Graduate Studies is committed to establishing a strong network connecting graduate students across campus. Graduate Student Society Delegates serve as student advocates, providing a stable and consistent connection from the students in their respective colleges directly to the BYUGSS presidency. Likewise, they will serve the reverse role as conduits of information from the BYUGSS Presidency to students in their college.

We encourage you to reach out to your designated delegate with any concerns, questions, or issues you may have regarding graduate students in your respective colleges. Please use them as a resource to better understand the needs of your graduate students!

The delegates selected for each college/position are as follows:

Graduate Student Society Delegates

Mishelle Kehoe


Adriannah Metta


Lucas Lundy


Jessica Yauney


Dayna Kirby

Family Studies

Kiana Schlenker

Fine Arts/Communications

Jessica Sousa


Jesus Mata

International Students

Matthew Johnson


Sierra Nichols

Life Sciences

Sunnie Nield


Warda Usman

Profile picture of Warda Usman
Physics and Math

Brenda Armstrong