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Evaluation of Student Progress

Students are encouraged to complete their degree programs in a timely manner. Departments must evaluate each graduate student’s progress at least twice during an academic year (September through August). Progress may be (1) Satisfactory, (2) Marginal, or (3) Unsatisfactory.

Information is available in each department’s Graduate Handbook regarding requirements for "Satisfactory" student progress. Contact your department for details about the evaluation procedures in your department.

Students making marginal or unsatisfactory progress are informed in writing:

  1. What they need to do to make satisfactory progress.
  2. When each task needs to be accomplished.
  3. Which faculty member(s) they should contact for more information or support.
  4. What will happen if these tasks are not accomplished.

NOTE: If a student receives a marginal rating in one semester and is not making satisfactory progress in the next semester, the student must be rated as making unsatisfactory progress. In other words, a student may not be rated as making marginal progress in two sequential semesters. Failing to correct marginal progress is unsatisfactory.

If a student receives a marginal and an unsatisfactory or two unsatisfactory ratings in succession, the university will:

  • Terminate the student’s program.
  • Receive a Petition for Exception from the department (that includes a contract to completion) making a convincing case that the student will demonstrate satisfactory progress to the completion of their degree.