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  • Before You Apply

    University Minimum Requirements

    All applicants must:

    • Agree to abide by the University Honor Code
    • Complete an Ecclesiastical Endorsement
    • Submit proof of having obtained the equivalent of a 4 year U.S. Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited university.
      • U.S. institutions must be accredited with their regional accrediting association.
      • Graduate with at least a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate grade point average or 'B' average.
        • Some programs may require a higher GPA in order to be considered for admission.
      • Submit proof of English proficiency (non-native English speakers only).

      * All applicants need to agree to abide by the BYU Honor Code and submit an Ecclesiastical Endorsement request.

      The first step in obtaining an ecclesiastical endorsement is to review the Honor Code and other related policies. Following your review and commitment to abide by the Honor Code, you will be automatically directed to the endorsement system.

      In the Conduct Commitments portion of the admission application, you will need to do the following in order, to submit your application:

      • Agree to abide by the Honor Code and Related Policies.
      • Begin your Ecclesiastical Endorsement.

      >> Here is the URL to start this process.

      Applicants MUST select the first option “Apply to BYU”

      Honor Code and Ecclesiastical Endorsement Info

      Choose Your Graduate Program

      Click here to learn more about the current graduate programs offered here at BYU.

      For detailed information about BYU admissions policies please see: .

    • Request Information

      If you would like to request further information about your program of interest before beginning your application click HERE.

      Check Application Deadlines

      Click HERE to view all graduate programs with details on terms offered, application deadlines and admission requirements.

      Costs & Financial Aid

      Click here for more information.

    • Funding Opportunities

      Many of our graduate departments offer scholarships or funding opportunities in the form of employment contracts for Teaching or Research Assistantships; contact your respective graduate program for more information.

      Professional Presentation Award

      The Professional Presentation Awards (PPA's) are a $500 award for presenting high quality scholarly work at a conference during the school year. Any graduate student presenting original work may apply for an award. For more information, including PPA submission deadlines, please click here.

    • After You've Submitted

      Application Review Page

      • The application review page in the online application system displays any missing or deficient application items that must be resolved before the application can be submitted.
      • Applicants can click on any review items and will be redirected to the relevant application section to resolve the issue/s.

      Application Status Portal

      • The application status portal displays any items that are still missing or deficient after the application is submitted eg. letters of recommendation or ecclesiastical endorsement.

      • These issues must be resolved before the applicant can be admitted to the university.
      • Applicants can click on any review items and will be redirected to the relevant application section to resolve the issue/s.
    • Admissions Information for International Applicants

      Help Getting Your Student Visa

      • Admitted applicants who require a student visa in order to attend BYU and will receive email instructions from our International Student and Scholars Office (ISSS) instructing them how to submit the following information to procure their student visa, AFTER they are officially admitted.
      • Applicants who are only recommended for admission but are still missing application items will need to resolve the missing items before they can be officially admitted by the university.

      Required Documentation for Student Visas

      • Applicants will receive email instructions from ISSS after they are officially admitted to the university about how to upload the required documentation for their student visa via the ISSS eForm portal. DO NOT SEND DOCUMENTS BY EMAIL.
      • Below is a non exclusive list of the types of documents that could be required:
        • Personal - official bank statements or proof of liquidated assets.
        • Sponsor - completed and signed Affidavit of Support with supporting documentation, such as official bank statements or proof of liquidated assets. If proof of income is being used the sponsor must submit copies of tax returns or letter of employment with stated salary or annual income.
        • All supporting financial documents must be current within 12 months with official English translations and must bear the name of the account holder and date of issuance.
      • Current passport biographic pages along with copies of passports for any dependents that will accompany you.
      • Current non-immigrant or immigrant visa information/documentation (including dependents that will accompany the student).