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Pre-Admission Transcript Submission

All applicants, both domestic and international may upload unofficial transcripts of any completed post-secondary work as part of their online application submission. Applicants with non-English transcripts MUST also upload official English translations. Failure to provide English translations will prevent your application from being considered for admission.

Note: Applicants applying to Computer Science, MBA, MPA, or Statistics programs who have foreign credentials are required to complete an official foreign credential evaluation using one of our preferred foreign credential evaluation vendors BEFORE they can be considered for admission.

Current or Previous BYU Students

If BYU-Provo was the last institution attended, you should:

  1. Upload a copy of your BYU Record Summary’ by clicking here.
  2. Upload transcripts for all other institutions previously attended that are NOT listed on your 'BYU Record Summary'

Make sure to list each institution separately in the academic history section of the online application.

Post-Admission Domestic US Transcript Submission

Applicants who are subsequently recommended for admission must submit official transcripts or proof of degree(s) for all post-secondary work as a condition of being officially admitted to the university as follows:

  • If BYU-Provo was the LAST institution attended:
    • You must request to have your official transcripts for all previous institutions attended sent to BYU Graduate Studies ONLY IF THE INSTITUTIONS ARE NOT listed on your ‘BYU Summary Report’.
  • All Other Applicants:
    • You must request to have your official transcripts with proof of degree(s) for all previous institutions attended sent to BYU Graduate Studies

‘OFFICIAL’ transcripts can be sent electronically through Scrip-Safe, National Clearinghouse, or Parchment to BYU Graduate Studies at

Alternatively, ‘OFFICIAL’ transcripts can be mailed in a sealed envelope with a certification stamp across the seal to BYU Graduate Studies:

PROVO, UT 84602

Post-Admission International Transcript Submission

Applicants who have 1) completed any post-secondary work and/or degrees awarded outside of the United States (including Canada) and are 2) subsequently "recommended for admission" by their respective graduate program, MUST initiate an official foreign credential evaluation report through International Education Research Foundation (IERF) OR SpanTran (the only two evaluation service providers officially recognized by BYU Graduate Studies) BEFORE they can be officially admitted by the university.

Please note that the completed foreign credential evaluation report will be sent electronically (by the service provider) to BYU and will include a U.S. degree equivalency (if applicable), coursework evaluation, and official grade point average (GPA). The reports will be reviewed prior to the applicant being officially admitted by the university but BYU reserves the right to revoke any previous recommendation for admission to any applicant whose foreign credential evaluation report is incomplete, unsatisfactory, misrepresented, or fraudulent.

In addition, failure to provide any of the required documentation to complete the evaluation report will cause significant delays in your admission process and could seriously jeopardize your recommendation for admission. Please contact IERF or SpanTran directly for more information about what documentation is required.

Applicants must initiate and pay for their own foreign credential evaluation reports* and all original academic documents must be mailed directly to the respective service providers, including but not limited to the following:

  • Official transcripts and mark sheets for all previously attended post-secondary institutions.
  • Official degree certificate(s). 
  • Official English translations of all submitted documents.

Do NOT send any official documents to BYU and follow all the instructions as outlined by IERF or SpanTran.

*A limited number of graduate departments MAY elect to pay for the IERF credential evaluation report on behalf of their applicants. Applicants will be notified (by BYU Graduate Studies), at the time they are recommended for admission if their department has elected to pay for the IERF credential evaluation report and will receive additional instructions at that time.

Tips for Uploading Your Transcript

  • Obtain an electronic version of your unofficial transcript or scan a copy of a current transcript at the lowest resolution that results in a legible document (we recommend using under 200 dpi).
  • Please keep scanned documents to eight and one half inches by eleven inches (8'1/2" x 11'), standard US letter size.
  • Institutional web-based transcript/academic record in PDF form are acceptable.
  • Ensure that your document is saved as a PDF or Word document.
  • If the scanned file is too large, simply make a photocopy first, then scan that photocopy. (Experiment with different settings until you find one that results in the smallest file size.)
  • Color documents are not necessary. Scanning in “gray scale” or black and white is strongly recommended.
  • Do not upload spreadsheet documents to the online application. Instead, use a screen-capture of the transcript and copy/paste the image onto a Word document.
  • Ensure that the institution name and all other identifying marks are visible and clearly legible and that your scan can print on letter-size paper - 8 ½ by 11 inches (21 ½ by 30 cm)
  • Please include a copy of the transcript legend or university key for each institution.
  • Click the “preview upload” button to verify whether the uploaded document is legible. If it is not legible, try again. (NOTE: The system automatically converts your uploaded document into a standard PDF file.)
  • If you need assistance, please note that public libraries, office supply stores (Kinko's, Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc.), and other services can create scanned documents for you.