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University devotionals and forums form an inspirational and integral part of the university experience. These assemblies are occasions to celebrate the shared sense of community and values in the university. Participation in these gatherings will renew spiritual commitment and extend knowledge of significant religious, intellectual, and cultural matters.

Devotional speakers, selected from the leaders of The Church as well as the university personnel, come to teach the gospel and affirm the spiritual dimension of the university experience for students, faculty, and staff.

Forum speakers are noted authorities in the arts, sciences, humanities, media, and government. They are chosen for their contributions to their field and their ability to communicate their insights. Participation in these assemblies (and in the discussion sessions that may accompany them) prompts inquiry into an understanding of significant intellectual, cultural, and social issues.

Devotionals are held every Tuesday at 11:05 a.m. Most campus offices and services are closed during university devotionals and forums so that members of the university community may participate.