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Current Student Forms
Admission Forms
Faculty/Staff Forms

Application to Resume Graduate Study*

Department request for previous or current student to resume graduate study after being dropped from their program due to lack of minimum registration requirements (within five- or eight-year time period)

Course Challenge Examination Request

Student request for graduate credit exam for course taken at a different university or at BYU prior to becoming a graduate student

Department Request to Expire (Terminate) Graduate Status*

Department request to terminate status of a graduate student

Graduate Full-time Status Request

Student request for full-time status for purpose of loan deferment

Interdisciplinary Graduate Study Request

Student request for a committee chair from another department; needs approvals from both departments and college.

Leave of Absence Request

Student request for leave of absence (Medical, Military, Mission) for a specified amount of time.

Letter of Completion Request

Student request for letter of completion prior to official degree award

No-Cost/No-Credit Religion Course Request

Student request to attend a no-cost/no credit religion course

Change Graduate Degree Level Request*

Department request to change student degree levels

*Department will initiate the request


Student intent to enroll in integrated or joint program.


Student deferment of graduate admission due to valid medical reason.


Student deferment of graduate admission due to pending military deployment.


Student deferment of graduate admission due to pending missionary deployment.


Student deferment of graduate admission due to student visa complications.

Temporary Discontinuance of Program Request*

Department request to temporarily discontinue a current graduate program for a maximum of one year

Fee Payment*

Department payment of student application fee or other fee payable to Graduate Studies

Graduate Faculty Status Request*

Department request for faculty graduate status

Joint Program Request*

Department request to have a joint program contract with another campus department program

Personnel Change Notification*

Department notification of change in graduate personnel and request for access (graduate program manager, part-time and student program managers, graduate coordinator, or department chair)

Online Petition for Exception*

Department request for an exception to Graduate Studies policy

Slate Reader Access*

Request access for faculty admissions committees

Slate Questions or Concerns*

Submit your Slate questions and concerns to Graduate Studies and we will get back to you soon

*Department will initiate the request