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About Graduate Studies

Graduate Education at BYU

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For the Benefit of the World

BYU Strives to be an exceptional university in the world and an essential university for the world

Why BYU?

  • Mastery of the subject matter. Graduate education facilitates mastery over the content and skills of the discipline at a level appropriate to the degree sought.
  • Critical thinking. Graduate education develops and refines critical thinking skills including thorough knowledge of the assumptions of the discipline and an understanding of viable alternative assumptions.
  • Theoretical understanding. Graduate education provides an understanding of the theoretical bases of the field of study. It grounds application and performance in theory.
  • Proficiency in research and/or creative activities. Graduate education develops proficiencies that advance the knowledge and activities of the discipline. These proficiencies include good writing skills as well as the ability to present original insights and creative expressions.
  • Spiritual discernment and moral integrity. Graduate education facilitates the growth of integrity and wisdom and the integration of faith into the pursuit of knowledge within the discipline.
  • Service orientation. Graduate education instills a responsibility to return the special benefits of graduate training to the larger community.
  • Wide representation of perspectives. Graduate education presents an intellectually and culturally rich encounter with the discipline. Study and inquiry are conducted in a context sensitive to ethnic and cultural diversity

The role of Graduate Studies is to:

  • Establish and maintain policies and procedures that ensure the quality and integrity of BYU's graduate programs;
  • Provide funding resources to graduate departments to support graduate students as they pursue their scholarly aspirations;
  • Monitor the progress of graduate students from admission to graduation;
  • Provide training and support for all graduate programs

The Mission of Graduate Studies

Interesting Facts: