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Recruiting and Recognizing Graduate Student Excellence (RRGSE)

Recruiting and Recognizing Graduate Student Excellence (RRGSE) 

The Recruiting and Recognizing Graduate Student Excellence (RRGSE) fund sponsored by Graduate Studies provides programs with greater flexibility in determining the best way(s) to recruit top graduate students and recognize significant achievements by their graduate students.


Departments may submit an annual request for supplemental support to enhance graduate student recruiting efforts and/or reward excellent graduate student work.

All funds must directly benefit graduate students (e.g., faculty travel for recruiting trips may not be covered by this support but paying for refreshments for a recruiting event would be acceptable).

A few general examples of previous successful proposals are included below:

  • Scholarships to incentivize excellent graduate students to enroll at BYU 
  • Funding for prospective graduate student recruiting activities 
  • Support for graduate students to present their work at professional meetings 


Each department may submit one request for RRGSE funding using a simple and brief online form that will be available in early October through mid-November. Graduate Studies will notify departments when the application period is open.

Requests should be made by the Graduate Coordinator, Associate Chair, or Department Chair.

Requests must:

  1. Describe the proposed use of funds 
  2. Provide a plan to measure the outcome/success of the proposed activities 
  3. State the amount of the request 
  4. Give a budget justification 
  5. Include a report on your use of and the results from your most recent RRGSE funding, if you have received prior RRGSE support