Theatre and Media Arts
Theatre and Media Arts
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D-581 HFAC

Media and Performance Studies is a two-year academic program that has a critical studies focus. The coursework consists of a core of theory classes supplemented by electives chosen by the student in conjunction with her/his advisor. The program wraps up with comprehensive exams and the writing of a solid scholarly thesis.  Students should be in residence for the duration of the program. 

This program is meant to springboard students into either teaching at the community college level or further graduate studies at a PhD level. It includes intensive reading of dramatic and mediated texts, contemporary scholarship, critical study in aesthetic, linguistic, and social theories, writing for presentation and publication, and opportunities for dramaturgy training. The best writing samples for the application are papers dealing with critical analysis of film, television, new media, or theater. They could be advanced undergraduate papers or published articles.

While we encourage our Master's students to support their academic endeavors with practical theatre (or more limited media arts) experience, the program is centered on scholarship, not on production.

Chair:  Wade Hollingshaus
Graduate Coordinator:  Megan Sanborn Jones

Financial Assistance: 

The following financial support is available through the Department of Theatre and Media Arts:

Assistantships. Graduate students may work in many areas, including performance, production, research, and teaching. Applicants must have appropriate background and experience to be considered. Assistantships range up to half-time; pay is based on applicant’s experience, year in school, and the type of assistantship.

Supplemental Tuition Awards. Supplemental tuition awards are offered by the department during all semesters and terms. The size of these awards is determined by the applicants’ qualifications and the availability of funds.