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Adv Materials Development

Adv Materials Development


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Principles and procedures for designing, developing, and evaluating professional-quality language teaching/learning materials for various types: textbooks, software, audiovisual aids, etc.

Materials Project

  1. Design and produce professional-quality language teaching/learning materials by creating a major project (material for teaching some aspect of a language or preparing language teachers) that exemplifies the appropriate application of established principles in making materials-development decisions regarding…
    1. Project management
    2. Team formation, operation, creativity, and leadership.
    3. Curriculum development (including needs analysis, situation analysis, goal setting, syllabus design, methodology, and assessment)
    4. The realities and pressures of the publishing process
    5. Language learning (e.g., order of acquisition for various aspects of language, differing learner styles and strategies, ratio of explanation to practice, etc.)
    6. Language teaching methods and procedures
    7. Current professional trends and issues in language teaching
    8. Linguistics (e.g., structure, phonology, vocabulary, corpus tools, etc.) 
    9. Instructional design
    10. Information design
    11. Text design
    12. Visual design
    13. Typography
    14. Intellectual property and copyright laws
    15. Instructional media types and tools (ranging from low-tech to high-tech electronic/digital) for producing and editing materials
    16. Pilot testing, evaluation, and revision

Instructional Media

2. Utilize at least three types of electronic/digital instructional media to produce language teaching/learning (or language teacher education) materials.


3. Discuss materials-development issues, factors, and processes, as well as their application in real-world contexts, in an intelligent, informed manner that reflects knowledge of all the elements listed under objective #1 above.