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Congratulations! This is an exciting time, and we are excited to celebrate you and your accomplishments during your studies at BYU. Because getting ready for graduation can be an involved process, please come here frequently to make sure you are meeting deadlines and are getting ready to make the most of your graduation day.

How to Apply for Graduation

Before starting your application for graduation, please take the opportunity to review your Graduate Progress Report.  You are the person most responsible for your degree, and our hope is that the Progress Report will either verify that you are right on track or that it will guide you to problems that need to be solved before you will be able to graduate.

The graduation application is online in AIM. You can access the application here, or by logging in to myBYU > click on School > click on Apply for Graduation.

The application will appear and you should read it carefully. Do the following:

  1. You must have an active ecclesiastical endorsement on file to be eligible to apply for graduation.
  2. Click on the link to review your Graduate Progress Report and make sure it is correct, including the names of faculty members on your graduate committee.
  3. Type in your name exactly the way you would like it to appear on your diploma (diplomas) including periods and any other needed punctuation such as accents, etc.
  4. Indicate whether or not you plan to attend graduation.
  5. Click ‘Submit Application’ link.

If you need to change your graduation semester, contact the graduate program manager in your department. If you don’t meet all the graduation requirements you will be withdrawn from graduation and will have to reapply for a different semester.

Graduation Dates and Deadlines

These deadlines are firm. Graduate students submitting materials after these deadlines can be considered for graduation the following semester.

If you are in a Thesis or Dissertation program, please visit our Thesis and Dissertation page for more information.

Note: Individual departments may have set deadlines earlier than those listed below. Departments may also have additional deadlines.


Dec 2021 Apr 2022 June 2022 Aug 2022  
Oct 15 Jan 28 Mar 11* Mar 11*

Last day for graduate students to apply for
graduation online in AIM.
*This date applies to all students who plan to
graduate in June or August and who want to walk in
the April Graduation Ceremonies.

    May 6** Jun 24**

**Last day for students to apply for graduation
online in AIM for June or August and receive a
diploma but NOT walk in April Graduation

Oct 29 Feb 11 Mar 18* May 18*

Last day for departments to accept a student's
graduation application in AIM (GRADQ, GRADAPP,
and ADV01) to walk in the April Graduation

    May 13** Jul 8** Last day for departments to accept a student's
graduation application in AIM for a June or August
Dec 17 Apr 18 Jun 16 Aug 8 Items that must be completed by final deadline
  • Schedule a final oral exam
  • Hold a final oral exam; complete
    qualifications; committee approvals
    submitted online in GradProg
  • Submit dissertation or thesis PDF and
    receive all approvals on ETD section
    of GradProg
None Apr 21 None None Graduation - University Commencement
None  Apr 21-22 None None Graduation - College Convocations


All graduate students in dissertation or thesis programs must schedule the final oral examination at least one day before the exam in GradProg. Final examinations may not be held during the “interim period” between semesters or terms.

All graduates who meet the deadlines above are invited to participate in the April University Commencement exercises.

Graduation FAQ

Have more questions? Before you contact our office, please take a moment to see our most frequently asked questions, as well as see the related links below.