ETD Instruction Packet

  • Graduate Progress Report

Below is a list of the contents of the Packet for Completing Final Requirements that should have been delivered to you by your graduate department either before or during your final oral exam. In this packet, you will find all necessary instructions for completing and submitting your final thesis or dissertation. Please review each and every item in this packet carefully. Theses or dissertations not meeting the standards outlined in this packet will not be accepted by Graduate Studies and may even result in delayed graduation.

When your document is submitted to your department for review, be aware that Graduate Studies will also take an opportunity to provide feedback based on the requirements included in the attached packet. This means you may receive multiple emails with suggested edits for your thesis or dissertation. Graduate Studies’ review will focus on the preliminary pages (Title Page, Abstract, and Acknowledgements) as well as several functional elements of the electronic document (page numbering, bookmarks, etc.).

To avoid the most common error, be sure that your name on the Title Page, Copyright, and Abstract exactly match your official name on BYU's university records.

If you have any questions or concerns while reviewing this packet or finalizing your thesis or dissertation, reach out first to your graduate department. It is likely that other students have had similar questions, and that the graduate program manager or graduate coordinator will be aware of the solution. If there is still a need for clarification after speaking with your department staff, please do not hesitate to contact Graduate Studies. Our advisement personnel are dedicated to making this process as simple and convenient as possible.

Alexandra Dewey, Advisement Intern                                                                                                           Email:                                                                                                  Phone: 801-422-1677

Claire DeWitt, Advisement Manager                                                                                                      Email:                                                                                                              Phone: 801-422-4541

ETD Packet

Title Display Title Updated
Masters ETD Requirements Masters ETD Requirements 06/28/2017
Doctoral ETD Requirements Doctoral ETD Requirements 06/28/2017
ADV Form 11 Checklist for Preparing ETD (PDF) for Submission 11/09/2018
ADV Form 11a Sample Preliminary Pages for Submitting Dissertations and Theses 04/04/2017
ADV Form 11b Preliminary Pages Template - Thesis 06/12/2018
ADV Form 11d Preliminary Pages Template - Dissertation 06/12/2018
ADV Form 13 Publishing Your Doctoral Dissertation with Proquest Dissertation Publishing 04/04/2017
ADV Form 14 Survey of Earned Doctorates 04/04/2017
ADV Form 8d Approval for Final Dissertation or Thesis 04/04/2017
ETD Printing and Binding ETD Printing and Binding Flier 06/28/2017
ETD Font Embedding How To Embed Fonts and Packets 06/28/2017