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TESOL Suprvsn-Admin Practicum


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab



Actual fieldwork in TESOL settings involving supervision, in-service training, and program administration.

Administration Research

Read and discuss relevant research that reviews the principles and practices involved in effectively supervising and administrating English language programs

Website Reviews

Review websites of multiple English language programs to understand how location, student demographics, program characteristics, and operations influence program structure.

Resource Folder

Create a resource folder with three lesson plans (complete with materials) focused on a common theme in ESL adult education (i.e. shopping, transportation, occupations, food, etc.)


Prepare and present a professional in-service presentation on a topic relevant to the needs of novice ESL teachers.

ELC Member Interview

Understand the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a member of the ELC Executive Council by interviewing him/her and presenting an oral report outlining ways in which the person’s position has helped him/her develop professionally.

Business Plan

Create a business plan for some type of ESL/EFL business (i.e. language school, TOEFL Preparation Program, etc.) complete with an executive summary, program description, income statement, cost analysis, technology used, and operations.

Proficiency Testing

Perform oral proficiency testing necessary to place the ESL CORE students into appropriate level classes.

Observation and Mentoring

Learn how to observe and mentor student teachers participating in a practicum experience.

Social Gathering

Plan and carryout a social gathering (midterm or final party) for a group of 100 ESL learners.