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TESOL Practicum

TESOL Practicum


3.0 Credit, 0 Lecture, 8 Lab


Sustained and supervised practice teaching at the English Language Center.

Language Skills Methods

Students will learn methods, techniques, materials and strategies for teaching language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing), as well as grammar and vocabulary.

Teaching Methods

Students will learn current methods and techniques for teaching English to speakers of other languages

Learning through Observation

Students will learn good teaching principles and practices by observing experienced ESL teachers.

Lesson Creation

Students will be able to create lessons and materials that will be utilized in daily English language instruction.

Assessment Creation

Students will be able to create assessment instruments to evaluate ESL students’ progress.


Students will learn how to work with a team teacher to produce smooth and effective lessons.

Performance Review

Students will review their own teaching performance through viewing videotapes of their classroom teaching.

Feedback Meetings

Students will meet with mentoring teachers and course faculty to receive constructive feedback on their teaching performance.