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  • Form List

This is a comprehensive list of all forms used by BYU Graduate Studies. This includes ADV, GS, and OGS forms.

Graduate Studies Forms

Name Description Updated
ADV Form 1 Request for Interdisciplinary Graduate Study 10/14/2019
ADV Form 2a Request for Graduate Full-time Status 10/14/2019
ADV Form 3d Graduate Degree Seeking Course Challenge Examination 03/27/2017
ADV Form 5 Leave of Absence 08/21/2019
ADV Form 6 Graduate Student Request for No-Cost/No-Credit Religion Course 10/14/2019
ADV Form 7 Departmental Request to Expire (Terminate) Graduate Status 08/21/2019
ADV Form 8g Letter of Completion Request 03/25/2019
Name Description Updated
GS Form 4 Graduate Application Terms and Deadlines 10/05/2020
GS Form 5 Notification of Integrated or Joint Program Status 04/04/2017
GS Form 6 Application to Resume Graduate Study 04/04/2017
GS Form 7 Request to Change Graduate Degree Level 08/21/2019
GS Form 13 - A Missionary Deferment 05/11/2020
GS Form 13-B Military Deferment 05/11/2020
GS Form 13-C Medical Deferment 10/14/2019
GS Form 13-D Covid-19 Deferment 06/19/2020
Name Description Updated
OGS Form 1 Fee Payment - Department 11/18/2019
OGS Form 2 Petition for Exception 11/18/2019
OGS Form 3 Personnel Change Notification 11/18/2019
OGS Form 5 Abeyance of Admission Program Request 10/07/2020
OGS Form 6 Joint Program Request 05/14/2020
OGS Form 7 Graduate Faculty Status Request Form 10/01/2020