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Curric Theory, Design & Assmnt


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


The nature of curriculum design for potentially educative environments.

Holistic approach

Students will understand critical and holistic approaches that stimulate the understanding of the role and current issues of curriculum, design, and assessment, as well as potential for transformation.

Students will explore critical constructivist and holistic approaches that stimulates broad understanding of knowledge, teaching/learning style, or worldviews.


Students will recognize and account for different patterns of individual social development within and between cultures in order to formulate authentic curriculum and pedagogical decisions.

Student will be prepared to engage social, political, cultural, linguistic, economic, legal, and ethical issues as they relate to curriculum development.


Students will be able to critique a working model of curriculum through the lenses of constructivism, social justice, critical pedagogy, holistic education and other progressive models of curriculum and pedagogy.

Students will be able to create class projects/activities embedded in critical thinking, expressing capability and responsibility for creating change through conscious action both in personal lives and in the broader society.

Students will be prepared to engage with the curriculum attending the needs of minority groups.