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Adv Experimental Design

Adv Experimental Design


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab
Response surface methods, mixture designs, and optimal designs; fractions of two-level, three-level, and mixed-level factorials; analysis of experiments with complex aliasing; robust parameter designs.

STAT 631

After studying experimental design, students should be able to:

Experimental Design

Choose an experimental design plan that is appropriate for the research problem at hand

Construct the Design

Construct the design, including determining the proper number of replicates and the creation of randomized data collection form

Execute the Plan

Execute the plan to collect the data, or advise to colleague to do it

Determine the Model

Determine the model appropriate for the data

Fit the Model

Fit the model to the data, and verify that the assumptions have been satisfied

Interpret the Results

Interpret the results and present the data in a meaningful way to answer the research problem at hand