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Psychotherapy 3: Adolesce

Psychotherapy 3: Adolesce


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 2 Lab


Theory and treatment techniques of child and adolescent therapy.

1. Differences in services to children and adolescents

Students will develop a fundamental understanding of important differences in providing psychological services to children and adolescents versus adults.

Measurement: Exams and quizzes.

2. Evidence-based practice in clinical child psychology

Students will articulate and discuss key issues related to evidence-based practice in the area of clinical child psychology.

Measurement: Class presentations.

3. Ethical and legal issues in child and adolescent therapy

Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethical and legal issues related to child and adolescent psychotherapy.

Measurement: Class presentations.

4. "Process issues" in child psychotherapy

Students will develop increased awareness of and appreciation for ‘process issues’ in child psychotherapy.

Measurement: Exams and quizzes.

5. Efficacious interventions with children and adolescents

Students will become familiar with a broad range of interventions shown to be efficacious with children and adolescents, including their known limitations.

Measurement: Exams and quizzes.