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Cultrl Diversity & Gender Iss


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Clinical issues in the context of cultural diversity and contemporary social trends.

1. Identify and describe how biases influence interactions

Students will identify and describe how one’s personal biases, values, and beliefs influence interactions with clients, especially those who are culturally different.

Measurement: Writing assignments.

2. Awareness of comfort with racial and cultural differences

Students will increase awareness of their own comfort with clients’ racial, ethnic, cultural, and belief differences, and their own beliefs and attitudes towards persons of different cultural backgrounds.

Measurement: Class presentations.

3. Use a variety of strategies to work with diverse groups

Students will apply basic techniques derived from selected theories with diverse clientele, and be able to use a variety of individual, couple, family, group, and community strategies for working with diverse populations and ethnic groups.

Measurement: Writing assignments.