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History & Systems of Psych

History & Systems of Psych


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab
Survey of origins and development of modern psychology, including consideration of the schools and theoretical systems.

1. Advanced critical thinking and analysis of assumptions

Students will employ advanced critical thinking skills by analyzing via comparison and contrast various assumptions regarding human nature that have traditionally guided and shaped contemporary psychological thought.


Measurement: Short essay format group quizzes and short analytic paper assignments.

2. Identify and evaluate implications of assumptions

Students will identify and evaluate the various implications that these assumptions about human nature have for both the theory and the practice of contemporary psychology.

Measurement: Multiple choice quizzes, short essay format group quizzes, and short analytic paper assignments.

3. Identify major figures and schools of thought

Students will identify the major figures and schools of thought that have made significant historical and conceptual contributions to the contemporary disciplinary landscape of psychology.

Measurement: Multiple choice individual and group quizzes.

4. Reasoned position on enduring questions and concerns

Students will express a reasoned position on some of the enduring questions, issues, and concerns of the discipline of psychology that is faithful to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Measurement: Short analytic paper assignments.