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Choral Literature 2

Choral Literature 2


2.0 Credit, 2 Lecture, 0 Lab
Concentrated analytical study and application of choral literature from post-Beethoven to the present.

Choral Lit 2

1.   You will have begun to assemble your own personal choral music database and library.

2.     You will have familiarized yourself with many representative pieces of major composers from each historical period. You will know their general characteristics and be able to apply this knowledge to the analysis of many kinds of choral music. You will know the important works of the major composers in each period. You will be able to recognize visually or aurally the musical characteristics of periods and composers in unidentified scores and recordings.

3.     You will know the names and general characteristics of contemporary arrangers, and composers who write choral music for educational purposes. You will also be able to recognize desirable qualities of repertoire for varying levels of age and ability in school, church, or community choir settings.

4.     You will know the criteria which affect choral programming. You will have compiled three sample programs, which demonstrate both your ability to create an artistic program and your knowledge of the repertoire.

5.     You will know about the issues which affect the choral musician’s search for repertoire: the focus of well known publishers, music in the public domain, internet resources, copyright issues, out of print music, etc.

6.     You will have the necessary skills to evaluate each choral piece you encounter and be able to assess why a choral piece is or is not worth performing. Also, you will hopefully find great spiritual enlightenment as you come to know and better understand the world’s choral masterpieces.