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Culture Teaching

Culture Teaching


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Learning what culture is and how it functions in society. Practicing techniques and creating materials for teaching culture in ESL/EFL and foreign language classrooms.

Cultural Influences

Understand how culture and pragmatics relate to the teaching and learning of second and foreign languages including how culture and pragmatics influence the use of language and how they influence expectations of students and the relationship between students and teachers.


Understand current theories of what culture and pragmatics are and how they function in a society.


Explore the range of cultural and pragmatic differences that exist between nations, language groups, and societies, and develop well-reasoned criteria for deciding which aspects of culture and pragmatics to include in a second or foreign language teaching program.

Specific Differences

Learn about specific differences between "mainstream" English-speaking American culture (and pragmatics) and those of other nations, language groups, and societies and develop teaching materials which can be used either for teaching ESL/EFL to these other groups or for teaching foreign languages to American students.

Cultural Research Features

Develop skills and abilities in researching pragmatic and other features of a particular culture and how those features influence the use, teaching and learning of second languages.

Practice Teaching

Learn and practice methods of teaching culture and pragmatics in ESL/EFL and foreign language classrooms