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Foundations: Sounds

Foundations: Sounds


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Principles of phonetics and phonology emphasizing analytical procedures and applications to real world language problems.

Articulatory Properties

Describe the articulatory properties of speech sounds of the world's languages

Use Transcription Systems to Represent Sounds

Use standard transcription systems such as the IPA to represent speech sounds from a variety of languages and show an awareness of the limitations of segmental transcription.

Suprasegmental Features of Utterances

Recognize and represent suprasegmental features of utterances, including stress, pitch, and intonation.

Speech Analysis Software

Use speech analysis software to investigate the acoustics of spoken language.

Gather Phonetic and Phonological Data

Use standard techniques to gather phonetic and phonological data through introspection, controlled elicitation, and field observation.

Analyze Language Data

Analyze language data by applying your knowledge of standard methods of phonological analysis.

Scholarly Literature

Read and critique primary scholarly literature in phonetics and phonology.