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User Experience Design


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Leadership in a technical field, and user experience design in the context of web and mobile application development.

1. Build the case for IT-enabled organizational change.

Prepare a written report building the strategic case for IT-enabled organizational change. 

2. Discuss technical change management with professionals.

Analyze actual change situations drawing on the principles of effective technical change management and leadership through discussions with professionals. 

3. Design and implement user interfaces.

Using a team-based, iterative focus, design and build graphical user interfaces for Web applications. Document and present the process, end-result, and lessons learned. 

4. Create a toolkit of user-centered design best practices.

Build a set of best practices for developing user interfaces. 

5. Develop a personal leadership strategy.

Establish and document your personal leadership strategy for a career in a technical field.