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Fndatns of Instructional Tech


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Introduction to instructional psychology and technology theory and practice: psychological foundations of human performance technology and learning sciences. Current research issues, professional organization of the field, and ethical issues.

Current Issues

Understand the current issues, discussions, research, and debates in this field as well as comparable sister professions.


Understand the history of the field of Instructional Technology, including the various trends, people, and issues that shaped it.

Professional Trajectory

Clarify and define your own professional trajectory into your profession including your personal beliefs; the kind of career you are seeking; and the skills, knowledge, and characteristics you need to develop to be successful.

Writing Skills

Begin to develop skills in literature analysis and scholarly writing.

Online Presence

Create an initial professional web presence that you can develop during your career.

Future Roles

Begin defining for yourself what the future of our field is or may be, and what your role may be in that future.