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PH Leadership and Ethics

PH Leadership and Ethics


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Learn theories and skills for exercising ethical leadership in teams, organizations, and systems. Explore multiple dimensions of personal development.

Leadership Principles

Analyze principles of ethical leadership and management in public health practice

Personal Strategy

Create a personal strategy for public health action that aligns with one’s individual values and goals

Leadership Strategies

Propose evidence-based strategies for creating a vision, empowering others, fostering collaboration and guiding decision making

Management Skills

Apply skills in negotiation, mediation, communications, strategy development, innovation, and coalition building to address organizational or community challenges

Diversity and Inclusion

Develop and implement strategies for enhancing diversity, inclusion, and belonging in teams and organizations

Systems Thinking

Employ systems thinking through coalition building to develop alignment and mobilize stakeholders within and between organizations