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Hlth Systems, Policy & Advoc.


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Examine constitutional, regulatory, political, and socio-economic bases for policies that affect health and health services. Study population, community, family, and individual systems that affect health. Apply systems thinking to solutions to improve health.

Structure and Function

Compare and contrast the structure and function of public health across family, community, national, and international systems


Explain how policies, systems, and health services affect individuals, families, and communities

Conceptual Frameworks

Describe and apply conceptual frameworks and theories that relate to ways in which policies and systems are used to respond to public health problems

Influence Change

Use various processes and methods to strategically influence policy (including regulatory, legislative, and organizational) and systems change

Evidence Base

Draw on scientific literature to analyze policy options and make evidence-based policy recommendations to decision-makers in various contexts


Effectively communicate relevant policy information to key stakeholders

Systems Thinking

Apply a systems thinking approach to addressing a public health issue.