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Community, Family & Indiv Hlth


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Application of resilience/family theories to understanding health issues and solutions at the community, family, and individual level. Analyze how faith and science enable effective solutions to public health issues.

Health Determinants

Describe determinants of health at the community, family, and individual levels

Families and Individual/Community Health

Critically evaluate the bidirectional relationship of families and individual/community health

Role of Families

Explain the important role of supporting and involving families in public health practice

Frameworks and theories

Apply resiliency frameworks and family theories to addressing community, family, and individual health

Faith and Science

Integrate faith and science in developing effective solutions to public health problems


Identify methods to appropriately consider the family as a context in public health solutions

Family Impact Analysis

Conduct a family impact analysis of an existing public health intervention