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Quantitative & Qual Methods I


3.0 Credit, 3.0 Lecture, 0.0 Lab


Learn the fundamental quantitative and qualitative skills to assess community needs, interpret data, and evaluate health programs to make evidence-based decisions and identify the appropriate methods for effectively communicating findings to a variety of audiences.

Assess/Describe Health

Explain how analytical methods can be used to assess and describe the health of populations

Apply Epidemiological Methods

Apply epidemiological methods to answer public health questions

Apply Qualitative/Quantitative Methods

Identify and apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods for various public health research and evaluation initiatives

Explain Results

Explain the meaning of results from data analysis

Evidence-Based Knowledge

Describe how evidence can advance public health knowledge


Identify and apply appropriate methods for communicating research and evaluation findings to public health stakeholders

Faith and Science

Integrate faith and science in developing effective solutions to public health problems

Research Translation

Demonstrate how research can be translated into public health policy and practice