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Professional Presentation Award

Graduate students presenting original research at conferences or performing or displaying creative work are eligible to receive a Professional Presentation Award (PPA) of $500. PPAs are intended to enable graduate students to travel to important conferences or events within their discipline in order to present their scholarly and creative work. PPAs are awarded two times each year and are distributed within two months after the application deadline. The application deadline is in the middle of an award period which allows students to apply who have either already presented their research/creative work or who are planning to within the specified time period. Approximately one-third of the applicants receive an award.

Students may apply for one of two types of PPAs: research or creative work. This distinction between these award types was made to improve the review process for graduate students that intended to travel to conference and events to perform or display their creative work, or develop their talents at a workshop in their discipline. Please see the scoring rubrics for each type of award.

The Graduate Student Society (GSS) will notify students when the application is live for both Fall and Winter semesters.

Review Process
Term Conference Date Application Open Applicant Deadlines
Fall Jul - Dec October Nov 1 at 11:59pm MST
Winter Jan - June February March 1 at 11:59pm MST

Submission of the form after 11:59PM MST the day of the applicable deadline will result in automatic rejection of the application.

The application will be live for approximately one month prior to each semester deadline. The GSS will notify the graduate student body via email and our social media platforms when the application opens for both award periods.

Applications close November 1st at 11:59 PM MST for Fall semester and March 1st at 11:59 PM MST for Winter semester. Students selected to receive the PPA award will be notified shortly thereafter.

There is some criteria you must meet in order to qualify for an PPA:

  1. Students may only receive one PPA per academic year.
  2. Students may only submit one application per application period.
  3. Applicants must be enrolled as a student during the semester they receive the PPA award. If the applicant is not enrolled in a least 2.0 credit hours, the award will not be granted.
  4. Conferences may be national or international.
  5. Research must be performed as a graduate student. Graduate students may not submit applications on research performed or presented as an undergraduate.

Students are encouraged to consider the following limitations when applying for an PPA:

  1. Students who have received Stafford Loan Monies are still eligible; however, receiving an PPA could put them in an "over award" status in which case any refund would be applied directly to the loan thus reducing the amount borrowed. For more details, please see your financial aid counselor.
  2. Awards are deposited into the student's university account. There are NO exceptions. Any outstanding balances will be paid first. Funds can be accessed by going to the Cashiers Office in the ASB.

Applications are reviewed by an educated, lay audience. Each application is scored based on the following sections:

Describe the event/activity that will be attending

5 The uniqueness and reason for selecting this particular event are described
4 The reason for selecting this event is given
3 A name and brief description are given
2 A name is given for the event
1 No information is given to identify the event

Describe the impact/motivation for personally attending

5 Connects the unique aspects of this event to their experience, program AND goal for attending
4 Connects the unique aspects of this event to their experience, program, OR goal for attending
3 Provides a basic explanation
2 Provides an explanation that can be applied to any event
1 Description is limited to a desire to go ("I want to go")

Describes how this experience will improve their and/or others' educational experience at BYU

5 Specifically describes how this will help multiple other people
4 Vaguely describes how this will help other people
3 Specifically describes how this will improve their educational experience
2 Vaguely describes how this will help them
1 Poor description of impact

Describes their contribution to the event

5 The impact their contribution will have is clearly described
4 They will provide a significant contribution that stems from their experience/learning at BYU
3 They will contribute in a way more significant than the average participant
2 They will participate in the event
1 No contribution is described

Describes their contribution to the larger discipline

5 Their contribution will impact the wider field in specific and significant ways
4 Their contribution will impact the wider field
3 They will contribute to the event but no wider description is given
2 They will participate in the event
1 No contribution is described