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Graduate Student Showcase

All BYU graduate students should have an opportunity to showcase the amazing research that they work so hard on. The BYU Graduate Student Showcase is the venue that facilitates interaction between graduate students, their research, and the BYU community.


Who? Everyone is invited!

What? This event is a venue for grad students to display research/presentations to students, faculty, and administrators.

When? Wednesday, April 10, 2024 from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

Where? WSC Garden Court.

Why? Share and learn about the outstanding graduate work done at BYU!

Please RSVP here for this event. Pizza and cookies will be reserved.


INSTRUCTIONS: If you are interested, you MUST follow the instructions below:

All students are invited to apply to present at the showcase. Students may apply here by Monday, April 1st at 11:59 pm. Only 60 booths are available. Students will be notified within by Wednesday, April 3rd if they have a booth. Each graduate student that has a booth will be entered to win one of twenty $15 Cougar Cash prizes. Please reach out to if you have any questions or concerns.

More details about the event for presenters:

  • Description: The event will include multiple presentation forms including posters, flyers, and audiovisual presentations. Pizza and cookies will also be served.
  • Supplies: Each student that is presenting will be provided with a printout of their poster (if applicable), 50 copies of a one-page, double-sided flyer (if applicable), or a easel (if applicable), a table, and a chair. All other supplies will need to be provided by the student.


What is the Graduate Student Showcase?

The Graduate Student Showcase is different than the Grad Fair or 3MT. It is an opportunity for all graduate students to present their research or projects.

How should I present?

Graduate students can present posters, flyers, or audiovisual presentations. For more information on the different presentation options, please visit the application form. 

Who is my audience?

Our job is to make sure you have plenty of people to interact with. You will be presenting to undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and anyone who happens to be passing through the WSC. We anticipate that the most successful participants will be those who find a way to present their research quickly, simply, and memorably. You will not have a captive audience - they will be walking from booth to booth.

How big will my booth be?

It will be roughly 8 feet wide, and will include table.

Dress Code?

What you choose to wear is entirely at your discretion, as long as it is honor code compliant. Default should be professional. However, if you think there is attire which will help attendees remember you and your research, creativity is encouraged.