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Evidence-Based Practice


2.0 Credit, 2 Lecture, 0 Lab


Focus on research, both from the clinical involvement or consumer and the researchers' perspectives. Developing a clinical question and finding supporting evidence is the key to better outcomes. Patient outcome measures will be learned, analyzed and practiced.

Evidence-Based Practice

Define evidence-based practice concepts as they relate to athletic training clinical practice.

Applying EBP

Explain the role of evidence in the clinical decision-making process for health care generally and athletic trainers specifically.

Develop a relevant clinical question using a predefined question format (e.g., PICO = Patients, Intervention, Comparison, Outcomes; PIO = Patients, Intervention, Outcomes) and answer the question using available evidence.

Outcome Measures

Gather, interpret, and apply clinical outcomes to assess patient status and progress and change treatment using psychometrically sound outcome instruments.