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Instructional Leadership 2


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Instructional leadership and school improvement processes in creating and sustaining successful learning communities to improve teaching and learning, including formative instructional supervision, professional development, and action research for school improvement.

Instructional and Leadership Coaching

Understand and apply the theories, processes, and practices necessary to coach individual teachers and leaders in improving teaching, learning, and team processes.

Leader as Capacity Builder

Understand theories, processes, and practices leaders should follow to build the teaching, learning, and leading capacity of the adults in a school (growth orientation, adult learning theory, professional development, distributed leadership, etc.).

School Improvement Plan

Understand the theories, processes, and practices that contribute to an effective school improvement plan. Analyze a school improvement plan and make recommendations.

Resource Coordination

Understand the theories, processes, and practices for leveraging school resources (financial, human, intellectual, etc.) in ways that contribute to high levels of adult and student learning in support of the goals of the school improvement plan.