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Meta Analysis


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab
An overview of qualitative research synthesis, methods for systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis. A balanced approach between conceptualization and application with practice using existing data sets and statistical packages.

Outcomes shared by Tim Smith

Students will demonstrate understanding the following concepts:

  1. Under what circumstances are meta-analyses most useful?
  2. What are common errors made when conducting a meta-analysis?
  3. What are the professional guidelines for conducting a meta-analysis?
  4. What are optimal steps for data collection (literature searches) for a meta-analysis?
  5. What are methods to evaluate possible publication bias in a meta-analysis?
  6. What considerations need to be taken when developing a meta-analytic data coding sheet?
  7. What are the three most common effect size metrics and their interpretation in terms of magnitude (small, medium, large)?
  8. How are meta-analytic data aggregated and analyzed?