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Crisis Interventn


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab
Human crises; preventive, developmental, and remedial interventions within school and family systems.


Basic understanding of the history of crisis intervention.

Theories and Models

Understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of crisis intervention.

Theories and Models

Knowledge/understanding of basic models of crisis intervention.


Knowledge of ethical and professional responsibilities in the area of crisis intervention.


Competency in communicating with parents/guardians, teachers, and other professionals concerning children's needs not only during and following crisis situations, but primarily in a preventative role to bolster support and strengthen coping skills.


Ability to interface with community agencies and outside support networks to provide additional social and psychological support for children and families in need.

Development and Implementation

Ability to identify, recommend, and implement practical school based interventions during times of specific individual or group crises.

Development and Implementation

Ability to assist in developing, critiquing, and reviewing specific school crisis prevention and intervention plans.