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Psychomet & Intell


4.0 Credit, 4 Lecture, 0 Lab


Professional course for psychologists in training, covering theory, administration, scoring, and interpretation of standardized measures of intelligence, academic achievement and cognitive function.?? Additional credit includes integration of these skills in assessment of autism and other neurological conditions, including ADHD.

Explain assessment findings

Students will be able to explain assessment findings in a way that is understandable to other mental health professionals, teachers, clients, and parents

Synthesize assessment information

Students will be able to synthesize assessment information (including test scores, background information, behavioral observations, etc.) into a written assessment report.

Administer, score and interpret measures of intelligence

Students will be able to administer, score, and interpret multiple measures of intelligence, cognitive function and academic achievement, including those most commonly used in the field of psychoeducational assessment.

Integrate assessment skills in comprehensive assessment of autism and other neurological conditions such as ADHD.

With enrollment for 4 credits, students will also be able to plan, administer, score, and interpret comprehensive evaluation for neurological conditions such as autism and ADHD