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Career Dev/Assess


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab
Theories of career development in lifespan and career counseling. Assessing interests, values, and other characteristics related to career decision making.

Vocational Issues

Learn the importance of vocational issues in psychological development.

Philosophy of counseling incorporating vocational issues

Begin developing a philosophy of counseling that incorporates vocational issues.

Appropriate vocational interventions

Improve your ability to develop appropriate vocational interventions.

Administering and interpreting relevant instruments

Gain competence in administering and interpreting relevant instruments.

Career counseling

Consider how career counseling is an aspect of counseling- not a separate endeavor.

Career assessments

Consider how career assessments are integrated into counseling.

Multicultural career experience/awareness

Gain some multicultural career experience/awareness

Computer based applications

Become aware of computer based applications.