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Supervision in ABA


2.0 Credit, 2 Lecture, 0 Lab


Practice in providing high-quality behavior-analytic supervision using basic principles of applied behavior analysis and recommendations from the field of organizational behavior management, establishing a foundation for effective supervisory/consultation relationships in schools, clinics, other relevant contexts.

Reasons for Supervision

Students will state the reasons for using behavior-analytic supervision and the potential risks of ineffective supervision (e.g., poor client outcomes, poor supervisee performance).

Performance Expectations

Students will demonstrate how to establish clear performance expectations for the supervisor and supervisee.

Selecting Supervision Goals

Students will demonstrate how to select supervision goals based on an assessment of the supervisee’s skills.

Personnel Training and Intervention

Students will demonstrate multiple methods to train personnel to competently performance assessment and intervention procedures.

Performance Monitoring, Feedback, and Reinforcement

Students will demonstrate the use of performance monitoring, feedback, and reinforcement systems.

Using Functional Assessment in Personnel Performance

Students will demonstrate the use of a functional assessment approach (e.g., performance diagnostics) to identify variables affecting personnel performance.

Demonstrate Function-Based Strategies

Students will demonstrate methods of using function-based strategies to improve personnel performance.

Evaluating the Effects of Supervision

Students will demonstrate multiple methods for evaluating the effects of supervision (e.g., on client outcomes, on supervisee repertoires).