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Acad & Beh Problem Solving


4.0 Credit, 4 Lecture, 0 Lab


Training future Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) in the skills necessary to shape, develop, and strengthen behavior in a school or clinic. Emphasis on problem solving skills within an MTSS framework such as (1) collaborating with colleagues, (2) consulting with other service providers, and (3) coaching individuals in need of additional professional support.

Reinforcement Procedures

Develop reinforcement procedures that are conceptually systematic and effective.

Skill Development

Identify and implement evidence-based practices to promote appropriate skill development with individuals and small groups.

Maintenance and Generalization

Use strategies to promote maintenance and generalization of acquired skills.

Implementation with Fidelity

Implement procedures with fidelity in schools and clinics.

Collaborative Decision Making

Develop rules to enhanced the processes, ethics, and practices of making collaborative decisions regarding the termination or continuation of treatment.