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Autism Spectrum Disorders


3.0 Credit, Arr Lecture, 0 Lab


Overview of characteristics, etiology, and prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD); teaches strategies and skills supporting children's learning and daily functioning; review of instruction strategies, classroom organization, and teaming with families and professionals.

Comprehensive Knowledge

Students will demonstrate knowledge of history, scientific literature and current issues of autism from individual, family and educational perspectives

Skill Development

Students will be able to identify evidence-based practices for improving outcomes, including training and other resources to support their own skill development in assessment and intervention related to autism. 


Students will be able to use language, intervention techniques, and assessment practices that are informed, respectful, and sensitive to culture, gender, socioeconomic, language and neurodiversity. 

Consultation and Collaboration

Students will be able to identify and demonstrate interdisciplinary collaboration and consultation skills (with parents, teacher, and other care providers) specific to issues important to families and students with autism.