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Princ. of Beh. 2: Verbal Beh.


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Introduction to the conceptual, philosophical, and experimental foundations of verbal behavior, providing students with a strong conceptual foundation when encountering applied problems. Expansion on the philosophical foundation, conceptual analysis, and principles of behavior. Exploration of the special meaning of verbal behavior in terms of stimulus control, generalization, and role of the listener. This course is a part of the BCBA Verified Course Sequence.

Philosophical Foundations

Describe the philosophical foundations of behavior analysis including determinism, pragmatism, empiricism, and selectionism as they pertain to verbal behavior.

Behavior Analysis

Describe the differences between conceptual analysis, experimental analysis, and applied behavior analysis

Verbal Behavior and Operant Behavior

Describe the differences between verbal behavior and other forms of operant behavior

Verbal Behavior and Emotion

Describe the relationship between verbal behavior and emotion

Principles, Concepts, and Experimental Foundation

Describe principles, concepts, and experimental foundation of verbal behavior.

Relational Frame Theory and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Describe relational frame theory and acceptance and commitment therapy

Social Interactions

Analyze verbal behavior in social interactions

Verbal Behavior in People with Disabilities

Analyze common examples of verbal behavior in children and adults with disabilities

Assessing verbal operants

Analyze basic operants for assessment