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Clinical Practices in SSD


3.0 Credit, 3 Lecture, 0 Lab


Survey of theoretical perspectives in phonological development and practical views of the etiology, assessment, and treatment of speech sound disorders. Examining relationships between phonology, language, and literacy development. Course material is presented in relation to traditional and current approaches to clinical intervention. Relevant research will also be reviewed and discussed.

COMD 690: Learning Outcome 1

Students will compare and contrast theoretically distinct speech sound disorder subtypes.

COMD 690: Learning Outcome 2

Students will conduct proficient speech transcription of children with disordered speech production using the International Phonetic Alphabet.

COMD 690: Learning Outcome 3

Students wil review multiple assessment types and apply them to clinical cases to successfully differentially diagnose various speech sound disorders.

COMD 690: Learning Outcome 4

Students will develop a treatment plan including selection of goals, goal attack strategies, procedures, and activities based on available evidence.