Cost & Financial Aid

We understand that tuition and other costs are important considerations when deciding which graduate school to attend. As one of the most affordable private universities in the United States, a significant portion of the cost of operating the...

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To see university minimum requirements and department requirements for graduate admission, the ecclesiastical endorsement system and other details regarding the application process, please visit our Admissions Information page.

Full-Time Status

Whether you are a prospective BYU student or a family member of a BYU hopeful, there is nothing like actually visiting BYU to get a feel for all the things that make BYU great. Visitors are always welcome on campus, and we invite you to participate in...

Applicant Types

There are many types of graduate student applicants. Before you begin the application process, please read over the list below and determine which type of applicant you are.

  1. New Graduate Applicants – Certificate/Masters/Doctoral
International Students

International students have slightly different procedures for the application process. Some elements change and additional information from the applicant is required.

If you have questions about admission requirements, deadlines and english...

Admitted Students

Upon admittance to BYU, there are a few more tasks to complete which are outlined here. If you are preparing to serve a mission, you can also apply for a deferment.