Honor Code and Ecclesiastical Endorsement

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Honor Code

The university expects that all students, regardless of religion, will maintain the behavioral standards of the school, including the Honor Code. These include high standards of honesty, integrity, chastity, morality, and dress and grooming, in addition to abstinence from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, and substance abuse. To read the Honor Code Statement, please visit the BYU Policy website.

Ecclesiastical Endorsement

An ecclesiastical endorsement is a religious recommendation by your religious clergy.

All persons wanting to attend BYU must complete and maintain a valid ecclesiastical endorsement in order to be enrolled at the university. The process can be started at endorse.byu.edu and depending on your situation the process may be different.  Below are a few examples of how you can complete this process depending on your individual situation.

    • LDS applicants

      • As an LDS applicant applying for graduate admission (including currently enrolled BYU students), you must obtain a NEW ecclesiastical endorsement which requires an interview with both your local bishop and stake president.  
      • Currently enrolled BYU undergraduate students are instructed NOT to complete the "Continuing/Currently Enrolled" endorsement as this option is not relevant to graduate admissions and will cause you significant delays.
    • Non-LDS applicants
      • As a Non-LDS applicant you may elect to complete an ecclesiastical interview with either your local religious leader or a local LDS bishop in your area and then a final interview via phone or email with the our on campus BYU Chaplain.
      • To find the name and phone number of the nearest LDS bishop in your area please click here.
      • Note: Non-LDS applicants in remote countries with no religious presence such as China should contact Graduate Admissions at (801)-422-5595 or by email at gsadmissionintern@byu.edu for interview assistance.
    • Full-time BYU employee applicants
      • You must initiate the new "Applicant" endorsement through endorse.byu.edu and complete an interview with both your local bishop and stake president.

    All applicants are encouraged to complete the Ecclesiastical Endorsement process well in advance of their respective graduate program application deadlines to prevent possible delays in being considered for admission.