Educational Inquiry Measurement and Evaluation
Educational, Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation
Department Information: 
150-M MCKB
801-422-7078; 422-4717

This is an inter-departmental PhD program offered by the David O. McKay School of Education. The program is designed to prepare graduates who have the knowledge, expertise, experience, and character traits necessary to work productively as researchers, evaluators, policy analysts, assessment specialists, and/or professors in a variety of settings including (a) universities, (b) federal, state, and local education agencies, (c) private research and evaluation firms, and (d) testing companies.


The EIME program draws graduate faculty from each of the five departments within the McKay School of Education and from other arts and sciences departments at the university.


Fax:  (801) 422-0314

Graduate Coordinator:  Richard R. Sudweeks

Financial Assistance: 

Students admitted to this program are required to be enrolled as full-time, resident students. Financial assistance is offered in the form of tuition stipends and research assistantships (20 hours per week).