Program of Study

The Program of Study is a carefully considered plan which identifies the student’s major, lists all courses required, and designates the graduate committee. It may also include a minor. Prerequisite and skill courses are neither determined nor...

Minimum Registration Requirements

There are minimum hour registration requirements for an academic year, and every student must comply to remain an active graduate student. Please keep in mind that by only meeting these minimum requirements you are considered a part-time...

Advisement and Student Handbook

These ADV Forms (for the students admitted to graduate programs) are available as needed for students and departments to perform some of the necessary functions during a student's graduate program.

Full-Time Status

Full-Time status may be important to you to be eligible for loans, scholarships, etc.

Enrollment Status (Full-time, Half-time etc.):

  • Full-time U.S. citizens and permanent residents
    • To be considered full-time for...
Graduate Progress Report

The Graduate Progress Report provides you with information regarding your academic progress in your graduate program.

The Graduate Progress Report lists all course requirements from a student’s Program of Study and summarizes the student...

Evaluation and Student Progress

Every student is required to receive two student progress evaluations each academic year: Progress may be (1) Satisfactory, (2) Marginal, or (3) Unsatisfactory.

Students are encouraged to complete their degree programs in a timely manner....

Grad Studies Graduation

Congratulations! This is an exciting time, and we are excited to celebrate you and your accomplishments during your studies at BYU. Because getting ready for graduation can be an involved process, please come here frequently to make sure you are...

Leave of Absence

Under some circumstances you may be temporarily excused from taking classes and progressing in your degree requirements. Students must have completed at least two credit hours the semester of admission with acceptable grades to be eligible for a leave...

University Privileges

As a graduate student, you are eligible for the following university full-time student privileges if you are registered for 2.0 credit hours:

  • Student Housing
  • On-Campus Employment
  • Intramurals
  • Student Activity...
Joint Programs

There are a few programs at BYU that are approved as joint degree programs. The student must be admitted to each program but, if admitted to both, provides the opportunity to earn two graduate degrees at BYU simultaneously within their...

3MT Presenter

Below is a list of all the thesis defenses that will be taking place next week. Members of the campus community are invited to attend and support these students in the culmination of their graduate research.