Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation
Application Deadlines
Fall:February 1
Winter:February 1
Contact Information: 
4112 LSB
Program Requirements: 

This program emphasizes the scientific method in developing critical thinking and analytical skills applied to conservation and management problems related to wildlife ecology, wildlands, restoration science and/or rangeland ecology. Depending on the emphasis, advanced training in topic specialties may be complemented by courses in statistics, geographical information systems (GIS), soil sciences, model testing, systematics, or advanced ecology. All emphases require original research topics with the results presented in thesis format. This research is expected to be of a publication quality and thesis style best reflecting that of a professional journal, thus facilitating timely submissions for publication. We also encourage formal presentations at professional meetings.  

Requirements for Degree

  • Credit hours: (30): minimum 24 course work hours plus 6 thesis hours (PWS 699R).
  • Undergraduate hours:  no more than 9 semester hours may be applied toward master's degree.
  • Required courses: PWS 694R (seminar—two semesters). Additional courses as determined by student’s advisory committee and approved by department graduate coordinator.
  • Program of Study submission
  • Biannual progress reviews by advisory committee and graduate committee.
  • Presentation of research prospectus to advisory committee.
  • Thesis: completion of the thesis in scientific journal format and prepared for journal submission.
  • Examination: final oral defense of thesis.
Admission Requirements: 

Required Tests

GRE - (total score of 300 required with a minimum of a “4” on the writing portion)

TOEFL or IELTS (International applicants)

Additional Requirements

Baccalaureate degree or equivalent

3.2 GPA or high


Statement of Intent

Three letters of recommendation

Ecclesiastical Endorsement 

A funded project: No graduate candidate will be accepted unless he or she has a departmental faculty member willing to serve as a major advisor on a funded project

Program Outcomes: 

Literature Analysis and Synthesis

Synthesize literature relevant to a research project.

Research Design

Design and conduct research applying appropriate scientific and analytical methods.

Effective Communication

Communicate scientific findings effectively via oral presentations and in writing.